Try neighbr SOON

1. In just a few months, you will be able to download the neighbr app
2. Enter your info and signup
3. Meet and share stuff with your neighbrs


Need to borrow a hammer? Neighbr links you up with people nearby who can help. Own a hammer? You can list it on neighbr and potentially help someone near you. Worried that your neighbr might never return your hammer? Way ahead of you. When you list something on neighbr, you specify whether or not the borrower needs to collateralize the exchange (and also the amount of time you are okay being without it). People post both things they have and things they need (and other social / meetup opportunities). When you match through neighbr, a private chat begins to facilitate meeting up.


Let's get back to your hammer. Ted in 2A needs one to hang some paintings. He sees you have a hammer among your shared items and requests to borrow it. He also sees you require collateral, and in his request suggests a couple of David Bowie records in exchange. You both agree and shake on it. Ted shows up the next day with Aladdin Sane and Hunky Dory, and shortly after leaves with your hammer. A few days later (before Ted's agreed to return your hammer), he gets a text reminding him. You get your hammer and Ted buys you a beer. You feel good about yourself, because helping people does that.


The whole point of neighbr is to turn strangers into friends. (Okay) Friends who rate each others interactions with each other through the neighbr app (unitl they graduate to friends irl). Ted started off a stranger and hopefully becomes your new gym buddy. But had Ted not given back your hammer, we'd have your back. And the community would know that Ted is bad at adulting. Every one who borrows an item on neighbr is reviewed, and every item shared on neighbr is covered up to $1,500—in the event it goes missing or is badly damaged and your neighbr doesn't make things right.